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How To Use Emoticon in a Blogger (Blogspot) Post

This HOWTO will tell you how to use emoticon available in this blog :

1. First all you need is Mozilla Firefox, if you haven't installed Firefox yet, please download Firefox right now. The latest version of Firefox when I write this HOWTO is 3.0, and I use this version in this tutorial.

Tested on Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6

2. After Mozilla Firefox installed you must install Add-ons called Greasemonkey (Download link)

on download page, click "Add to Firefox" button

click "Install Now"

please wait...

click "Restart Firefox"

click "Restart"

After firefox restart...

Greasemonkey installed :) close the window

please make sure Greasemonkey is enabled

right click on that monkey face (right bottom corner of the screen) ...
now, you are ready to download Emoticon script from this blog

3. Download and install emoticon script from this blog

click "Download" link

click "Install" button...

login to your blogger account and create a new post

emoticon is ready...

You may add this (to your CSS) to prevent border (if exist) in your emoticon :

img.emoticon {
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
border: 0;

just before
]]>< / b:skin > (new blogger template)

< / style > (classic template)


87 Responses to “How To Use Emoticon in a Blogger (Blogspot) Post”

  1. # Blogger jacob

    i love the emoticons so cute :)

    thanks for this one.  

  2. # Blogger Anugrah

    Tampilan blog ini ko pas ya mskipun d lihat menggunakan browser hp?
    Biasanya kalo blog d blogspot tampilan'y gak nyaman kl d akses lwt hp.
    Gmn caranya mas?  

  3. # Blogger NuRuLhUsN@)-'--

    can u help me..i've do paste the css to prevent border..but it doesnt work..huhu..  

  4. # Anonymous acey

    hey i cant seem to get the borders i follow where to put it but it just wont be remove can you halp me with that?  

  5. # Anonymous Leslie

    Same here. Script does not get rid of the border.  

  6. # Blogger Cahya

    Re: hey i cant seem to get the borders i follow where to put it but it just wont be remove can you halp me with that?

    I don't see border on your emoticon... :)  

  7. # Blogger Cahya

    Re: Same here. Script does not get rid of the border.

    leslie, may I know your blog address?  

  8. # Blogger Azabkha

    hello. i have install the emoticons but it seem that the emoticons only appear at the side of the text and not in between words. how do i make it between words?
    here is my blog add:  

  9. # Blogger Reanne

    i'v been looking so long for tis... thanks so much~

    i'v installed the emoticons... but where to edit the CSS ah ??

    so sorry ... i'm newbie~  

  10. # Blogger aL sYa

    i have installed the monkey thingy,n already downloaded the emoticon,but y the emoticon is not ready when i clicks create post???help!  

  11. # Blogger Wieke :)

    halo, i'm a new blogger, saya udah install greasemonkey, udah enabled, trus pas dicek di add ons juga udah ada, tapi begitu create a new blog, di board nya ga ada emoticonnya T_T mohon pertolongan pertamanya.... terimakasihh  

  12. # Blogger Lune Goddess

    got same problem with leslie and acey.  

  13. # Blogger tiazTINGGI

    aduuhh. .koga aku malah ga bisa install greasemonkey ya. .udah tak restart tapi ga muncul. . di add onsnya juga ga ada. . ah bingung =.= help meeee  

  14. # Anonymous Angie's Recipes

    I have installed it, but they didn't appear when I create a it because I use blogger draft?  

  15. # Anonymous Anonymous

    add dis >>img.emoticon {
    padding: 0;
    margin: 0;
    border: 0;
    } can works?  

  16. # Blogger Li Xin

    This comment has been removed by the author.  

  17. # Anonymous Anonymous

    admin of dis blogger...plz delete the link dat link to my blog... I want to keep my blog as private blog...plz..thanks

    -Li Xin-  

  18. # Blogger Hidayah Zainudin

    hmm i've done everything in order but the border is still there. can u please help me on that? thanks  

  19. # Blogger ~C.I.K~Z.I.Z.E.E~

    can u explain more about how to prevent the border?
    i can't really understand...

    kindly visit my blog at


  20. # Blogger Gnysegirl Aka GokiChan Aka Glo

    Hi, I figured out a way to get rid of the border if you have problems with that. Please go to my Blog I'm making a post on how I fixed the problem  

  21. # Blogger Salmiahehehe

    this script appear when i published my post. help please!!!

  22. # Blogger Nurna

    these were soo adorable...
    i've installed them..

  23. # Blogger adizzy

    love them thanks  

  24. # Blogger sayapunyer

    Thank you for the emoticons :)

    I love them...  

  25. # Blogger Genejosh

    i couldn't get rid of the's in you could help me..i follow all the instructions carefully except the borders of the emoticon...  

  26. # Blogger Cahya

    Hi Genejosh, I don't see border on your emoticons... :)  

  27. # Blogger zaraa Y.


    nape border tu tak hilang gak ye..?

    da buat da as instructed..huhu  

  28. # Blogger PurpleBerry

    i've prob when using this emoticons between text,it juz wont come out between the text but appear at the end of the how can i fix this??  

  29. # Blogger Mei

    hi i also have the problem of the emoticons ending up in the next row instead of between text. please show me how to fix this  

  30. # Blogger NurShaRiNa

    thanks for the emoticon..

    it was so cute..

    klu ada perkataan yg keluar down mouse button tu.edit balik.padamla perkataan tu.nnti hilang die..  

  31. # Blogger Cahya


    i've prob when using this emoticons between text,it juz wont come out between the text but appear at the end of the how can i fix this??

    just select the emoticon (left click once) then "cut" (or Ctrl+X) then paste (between text)  

  32. # Blogger Devil Inc.

    Kite punye pun ade border gak. Nape ek?  

  33. # Blogger miersun

    udah nginstall greasemonkey dan restart, dan install skrip nya juga, tapi kok pilihan untuk emoticon nya ga muncul di form posting new yah ...
    entahlah, mungkin ada yang terlewat oleh saya
    terima kasih banyak buat tutorial nya
    salam kenal  

  34. # Blogger _eternalloser_

    mas mas,

    udah saya download dan instal semua scripnya dari 1.0 sampe yang 3.0.

    tapi satupun ga da yang muncul pas entry post...

    geman dund...

  35. # Anonymous Anonymous

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  36. # Blogger Laralia

    I already install as all instructions given BUT when i go to write new post, no emoticons list is shown/appear.

    How can i choose the emoticons?

    Please HELP me.


  37. # Blogger Diana Alisha

    hye there~ thanks 4 dat cute emoticons~

    i try to hide the border of the emoticons but still it can be seen.

    cn u pls help me in this?

    dis is my blog links  

  38. # Blogger Ishan Banga

    Adding CSS part for the image is ok....but you have to use div tag to use these images...or else modified this script...
    I have been using this in my blog

  39. # Anonymous Groho

    i can't use it anymore  

  40. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi, I'm interesting about this because really help me when I edit my post.

    However I notice the Greasemonkey script only works with the old editor. If you use with the newer one it doesn't work.

    I've tried to edit the source code but i get nothing. Do you know how to do a script for the new editor version?


  41. # Blogger septian angga

    the emoticon doesn't show ,i was do everything right, how???  

  42. # Blogger dina

    hi there. I just want to tell every one who has downloaded greasemonkey and has install the emoticon successfully too but it doesn't appear on the posting box. maybe i have the answer, cause i got same case before. my mistake was very posting box is in edit html mode, but after i open the compose tab it was appeared.LOL

    Thank you so much for you who has shared this cool emoticon to us.  

  43. # Blogger Shinichi

    aw i've installed it but nothing appears on my text box.. should we click something or what ? i saw the dialog after i clicked 'download', onion emoticon or something like that installed succesfully. what's wrong with that ?  

  44. # Blogger мιιяααααα

    I try downloadin GreaseMonkey, but it says "Firefox could not install the file at

    because: Invalid file hash (possible download corruption)
    -261" .. Why ? ):  

  45. # Blogger мιιяααααα

    Nvm, its working . Can tell me how to use our own emoticons instead of this ? Pls, thanks (:  

  46. # Anonymous idea

    installed it as instructed, but nothing at the compose box. pls help. my blog is:

  47. # Blogger narumi

    how to use emoticon with the new post editor.
    ive try to install it back but didn't work.
    or i can not use emoticon with the new post editor?  

  48. # Anonymous Xue Lin

    hi :) i would like to use my own emotions and made the script user.js. file already. how can i upload my file so greasemonkey can activate it ? please go to my blog >> to reply . i really need ur help ! thnks :)  

  49. # Blogger 송승현's

    Hey ! Mind mailing me step by step how to put our personal smileys ? Thanks a lot .  

  50. # Anonymous Anonymous

    this emoticon does not work with the new editor. i switch to the old editor then it pops up. got any new updates for this emoticons?  

  51. # Anonymous Anonymous

    It doesn't work..  

  52. # Anonymous pok_mu

    doesn't work..  

  53. # Blogger wtneo2408

    This comment has been removed by the author.  

  54. # Anonymous Rensie

    If i wanna use my own smilies in stead of yours, what should i do?  

  55. # Blogger althafunnisa'

    hi, i've done downloading everythings, but...when i open my blog, nothing appear...and also same with the html new seem nothing happen, help me....  

  56. # Anonymous Anonymous

    honestly i did the steps correctly.. but nothing happens to my posting window.. im refreshing it again and again.. but i don't see emoticon.. need help  

  57. # Anonymous 4evernewbie

    I think this does not work for the new version of Firefox. I've tried this method and still did not see the emoticons.


  58. # Blogger Dean

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  59. # Blogger wawa

    this is cool ! i've use it in my blog :)
    thank u so muchh <3  

  60. # Blogger niz

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  61. # Blogger LibriuS

    why there s no emoticon on my post page? i had repeated the tutorial many me...i wanna want this..its so cute!!!  

  62. # Blogger denny

    don't work :(
    I use Firefox 3.6  

  63. # Blogger NPL87

    what if i'm using Google Chrome?  

  64. # Blogger tins™

    hey author ,

    i've already follow the step that u explain, the file ( emoticons ) are already succesfully installed

    but it doesn't work

    it doesn't appear when i'm going to make a post,

    i'm using Firefox 3.5

    please send me some mails to help me ,


  65. # Blogger Sweet Monster

    Hello! I download this but i can't see in my Entry Box!? why!!!Help me:D Thanks!  

  66. # Blogger Silvia Florensia

    i have installed this already. but, why it doesn't appear?

    Can u help me??

  67. # Blogger Zara Wildlion

    it doesn't work! help me!  

  68. # Blogger 4seasons

    heyhey...thank u for sharing...
    I already done for installed or download.
    I don't see any emoticon when I want to make new entry.
    please help.  

  69. # Anonymous Anonymous

    i'm sorry if i'm troubling you...
    i just want to ask why there is a border around my emoticon..?
    i had tried harder to remove it..but it still there...
    and the the instruction for classic template is not there in my css... me out...
    thank you..  

  70. # Blogger Duurnee

    yeah there's anything on my post page so help pls :)  

  71. # Blogger cyNti Neko kAwaii...

    pls help me... i already do all of your guides.. but nothing's happened..
    This is my blog address:  

  72. # Blogger SALSA

    For those of you who are having trouble with the editor, maybe you'll find it helpful here @ my blog:

    Untuk agan2 & sis2 yg ada masalah dengan instalasi emoticon, mungkin saya bisa bantu. Baca posting saya di blog saya:


  73. # Anonymous Anonymous
  74. # Blogger awatiffaziz

    its doesnt work dear,


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  76. # Blogger Fajar Sidiq

    Thank for emoticon  

  77. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi! I did everything, enabled it and stuff, but when i click the download link a whole bunch of HTML shows up.... what is that?! and if thats suppost to be there, what to do with it?  

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  79. # Anonymous Ferik

    your CSS doesnt work on mine >,<
    i can see the border . .  

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  82. # Blogger Wincci

    ermmmm... must use mozila firefox ?
    Will it show also while using other browser ??  

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  84. # Anonymous Jenna Smith

    Thanks for sharing  

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  86. # Blogger Steve Mendonzes
  87. # Blogger Steve Smith
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