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How To Use Emoticon in a Blogger (Blogspot) Post

This HOWTO will tell you how to use emoticon available in this blog :

1. First all you need is Mozilla Firefox, if you haven't installed Firefox yet, please download Firefox right now. The latest version of Firefox when I write this HOWTO is 3.0, and I use this version in this tutorial.

Tested on Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6

2. After Mozilla Firefox installed you must install Add-ons called Greasemonkey (Download link)

on download page, click "Add to Firefox" button

click "Install Now"

please wait...

click "Restart Firefox"

click "Restart"

After firefox restart...

Greasemonkey installed :) close the window

please make sure Greasemonkey is enabled

right click on that monkey face (right bottom corner of the screen) ...
now, you are ready to download Emoticon script from this blog

3. Download and install emoticon script from this blog

click "Download" link

click "Install" button...

login to your blogger account and create a new post

emoticon is ready...

You may add this (to your CSS) to prevent border (if exist) in your emoticon :

img.emoticon {
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
border: 0;

just before
]]>< / b:skin > (new blogger template)

< / style > (classic template)


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