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Baifu Emoticon 1.0 for Blogger

New Blogger Emoticons available!


Download and Install Blogger Emoticon Baifu 1.0 script (Download)

Download Blogger Emoticon Baifu 1.0 (Download)

I hope you like it !

If you new to this blog, please read this (Blogger Emoticon HowTo)


4 Responses to “Baifu Emoticon 1.0 for Blogger”

  1. # Blogger Albania

    good job  

  2. # Blogger wenceu gakmaulamalama

    i choose baifu emoticons. so orange. so sheerful. thank you. :D  

  3. # Anonymous Dell Driver

    thanks you for the emoticon  

  4. # Anonymous Asus Driver Download


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