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Blogger Large Post Editor Script

I almost forgot to give you all this Blogger Large Editor script
as you see in this post (My Blogger "Create Post" Screenshot) my blogger post editor is larger than normal blogger post editor, to make your blogger "Create post" or editor page larger please install this GreaseMonkey script :

Blogger Large Post Editor
Blogger Large Editor (Download)

Download Blogger Large Editor script (Download)


4 Responses to “Blogger Large Post Editor Script”

  1. # Anonymous hudadida

    why my post space become small..yes it does expend..but it expend only for vertical..can i make it bigger for bottom post space?  

  2. # Blogger Opik Ijo

    this isn't work at my blog,, why? email me...  

  3. # Blogger wenceu gakmaulamalama

    waw. i have a large one! BIG thanks for you.  

  4. # Blogger 陈佳汶

    this isn't also work at my blog,, why? email me...  

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