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Baifu Emoticon 2.0 for Blogger


Long time since the last update ... (Baifu 1.0)
Finally Baifu Emoticon 2.0 for Blogger script is available (Download here..)

Download Blogger Emoticon Baifu 2.0 (Download)

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7 Responses to “Baifu Emoticon 2.0 for Blogger”

  1. # Anonymous sarah

    i like your emoticon (:  

  2. # Blogger rieka sartika

    hey,,,how about if i dont like the emoticon and willing to delete it without losing the rest...thx!  

  3. # Anonymous hudadida about if i dont want the to remove it?

    im using blogger. i've intall the emoticon..but found that i cant used the function in blogger to change my size of font..can you please help me...?  

  4. # Blogger Cahya

    Hi Hudaida... right click on Greasemonkey icon (right bottom of firefox window) and select manage script... then you can disable it.... or enable it when you need it :)  

  5. # Blogger Yahya Muhammad

    duh udah instal greasemonkey terbaru sama scriptnya, tapi kok masih blom bisa muncul ya? pas mau nulis post baru gak ada perubahan di pagenya.  

  6. # Blogger khonmanrak
  7. # Blogger khonmanrak
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